Are you engaging your web visitors and social media community? Do you have an “engagement” action plan”? Engagement in Your Digital Marketing Strategy is all about what you need to do at the TOP of your digital funnel to CONNECT. You NEED to be engaging your web and social community to build rapport.

“A strong web presence is vital to your success as a small business”

1.  What is “Engaging”

Engaging is the art and science of responding and being social with your community.  It can happen on your website and it definitely happens with social media.  It’s about responding, acknowledging, answering questions and offering support.

My big three ideas are that to be “Engaging” a brand must

  • Be Timely
  • Be Helpful
  • Be Authentic

You need to show attentiveness, care, and warmth.  In other words…your brand must be human!

2. Why it Matters.

Because in this day and age, it can be a competitive advantage and differentiator!

As well, many businesses are not ready to buy from a company right away.  They need to have multiple points of contact to better know, like, and trust the business.

That’s right, the majority of people you engage with will not be seeking to buy right way.  However, since we know that it takes 7 points of contact before people have enough information to Know, Like, and Trust us enough to buy from us, engagement is key because it can be points 2-6 in the “connection” process towards making a purchase from you.

3. Key Issue Today:  Ignoring the Engagement Opportunity

The major issue today is that businesses are simply overlooking and skipping engagement.  They continue to be “old-school.” Old-school marketing was all “push”.  From billboards to magazine ads and more, but today, being social is at the forefront.  People need to like you before they will want to do business with your company and buy your product!

The way they will build that “like” mentality is through interaction.

To market on social media is to need to be ready to and committed to engagement.  Answer comments, reply to @ mentions, follow then on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest back, etc.  Engagement is about making the valuable effort to respond.

4. TIPS for Engaging

  • Download smartphone social media apps for at least 2 of your team members so you can be notified and reply on-the-go to comments and mentions
  • As part of your Attraction and Engagement social media posting (which is to be together 50% of your content in a week), seek to engage.  Ask for and invite feedback and interaction
  • Do your utmost best to respond in a timely fashion!  Even if you are on the go, let them know you’ll get back with more detail.
  • On Facebook reply to Comments; for Twitter reply and include a @mention of the user
  • As noted, “following” a commenter on Instagram and Twitter is a form of engagement.  They are often notified of this on their smartphone or via email.  It’s another top-of-mind connection with your business.